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Visual appeal is paramount in the cosmetic and beauty markets. Your consumer-facing packaging should be alluring, luxurious and elegant, while still delivering the functional features required to safely house the product. The team at 4everalive Labs knows exactly how to let your brand shine, delivering the outer beauty to match the attributes of the product. Whether you require specialized substrates, unique finishes or specialized printing, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver premium shelf impact.

Label Design

Show off your brand’s personality in your packaging with a custom beauty label designed just for you by a professional designer. Get inspired and start planning the perfect beauty label design today.

Give your cosmetic packaging a high-end feel with a custom printed label.

Get custom cosmetic labels for your jars, bottles, tubs, and tubes. Choose from our popular materials and finishes, or let our team help you find creative and cost-effective solutions, ranging from small radius labels for lip balm tubes to vibrant squeezable vinyl labels. 

We design your label according to the most recommendable packaging in waterproof and oil-resistant label materials, such as BOPP, to ensure a long-lasting look for your cosmetic and makeup packaging.

Label Design -4everalive Labs

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