Private label skin care Testimonials


"It was a wonderful experience working with 4everalive Labs. I have been working with Private label companies for many years now and 4everalive Labs made the start to finish process easy. I submitted my logo and their team created my label exactly as I wanted. The packaging is quality and products are proving results!" - Makita Jhonson
Makita Johnson
Makita Organics, LLC
"I have a Med Spa and have always wanted to create and sell my own skin care line. I discovered 4everalive Labs after searching countless products on the internet. After speaking with Tina, I knew this was the right decision. He took the time to break down everything for me and was very interested in learning about what I wanted. - Erika Grande
Erika Grande
Med Spa Miami
Love this line. Great for all skin types, and perfect for post treatment!
Angelica Gomez
Tina, I want to thank you so much because ever since we started selling our private label brand, sales have improved drastically! I am looking forward to add more products in 2023, please be patient with me: ajajaj. See you soon. Silvia
Silvia Lantana
Lantana MedSpa Florida
Love this line. Great for all skin types, and perfect for post treatment!
Mayra Lorenzo
I would like to extend my highest praise and endorsement of 4everalive Labs. Their product quality is unparalleled and was a huge success launching my Amazon store. I was able to expedite the store launch with the ready to label formulas. Thank you Tina for the long meetings and support! John C.
John Cassara
Cassara Salon-SPA
4everalive Labs customer service
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